Behind the scenes footage is always dope. For example, remember those behind the scenes pictures from the show "Living Single", and there were those photo's of Queen Latifah having some kind of wild cotton candy fight with Martin Lawrence and Treach, or that one shot where all the cast were dressed up like characters from Fraggle Rock? You don't remember that? Well, thats because  it never happened. But that would be hella dope tho, right!? Thats why I'll share just a couple of the photos from the "Smile!" promo video, shot by  Breeze Davis of "Smoke & Mirrors" productions; with accompanied background track by the good homie, and Rec League Brother, Richie Cunning!

To be honest, I really thought I had way more pictures of this shoot in my camera roll. My bad!? Trust me tho, the shoot was hella fun. Like bobbing for giant gummy bears in a bucket of Wendy's Frosties on Christmas with Obama and Tupac. Or something. I dont know what you do for fun. I'm sure it's awesome tho. 

Anyhow, big shouts out to Breeze for coming through with this project. The homie is crazy ill with the videography skills, and even doper behind the mic. On top of that, dude is a huge supporter and member of the Port City arts community. Peep his new single "Ball & Chill" ft Scotty ATL...and don't you front for one dang second like wouldn't rather be ballin and chillin instead of clocking in to work and hearing abut Susan's rescued Chihuahua-doodle all day. Ugh. Susan is the worst. 

Anyway, peep the finished project. It's a hoot, bruh!




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