What up, Boneheads! I'm a North Carolina based Doodlist with mildly wondrous abilities in extremely childish illustrations. Over the years I've been fortunate enough to illustrate children's books, teach drawing as a therapeutic practice and have my work featured on various large and small platforms. Unfortunately, my landlord isn't impressed with any of that, so my daylight (and a lot of nightlight) hours are spent as a Social Worker; therapizing kids and facilitating positive-parenting programs. Also, not that this is relevant to anything, but I think it's important to know....flip-flops freak me out. Most of the work shown on this site is done with brush pens, Copic markers and Xpress-It blending card. I'm not fancy.

Feel free to contact me about commissions, interviews and general inquiries. Peace.


Events/ Press/ Published Works

08/2019 - Curator & featured artist @ Culture Pop; Wilmington, NC

07/2019- Interview with SALT Magazine

07/2019 - Caricature Artist for Wilmington Sharks @ Legion Stadium; ILM, NC

06/2019 - Caricature Artist for Wilmington Sharks @ Legion Stadium; ILM, NC

05/2019 - Teaching Artist @ Cameron Arts Museum; Wilmington, NC

03/2019 - Featured Artist @ Cape Fear Fandom Faire; Wilmington, NC

03/2019 - Solo Gallery Exhibit @ Wabi Sabi Warehouse; Wilmington, NC

03/2019 - Interview with Encore Magazine

02/2019 - Artist Exhibit @ Cape Fear Union Station; Wilmington, NC

02/2019 - Host Artist @ Children’s Museum; Wilmington, NC

02/2019 - Host Artist @ Cape Fear Museum; Wilmington, NC

10/2018 - Featured Artist @ Wilmington Toy & Comic Show; Wilmington, NC

9/2018 - Artist Exhibit @ Home Grown Festival: Wilmington, NC

5/2018 - Featured Artist @ Cape Fear Fandom Fair: Wilmington, NC

4/2018 – “No Styles” Artist Show at Calico Room: Wilmington, NC

4/2018 – Artist at Power-Con: Florence, SC

3/2018 – Artist Exhibit at Alter Egos Gallery & Studio: Fayetteville, NC

2/2018 - Guest Artist @ GLOW Academy: Wilmington, NC

12/2017 – “Soul Sessions” Artist Exhibit at Second Base: Wilmington, NC

09/2017 – “Batman Day” Artist Exhibit at Memory Lane Comics: Wilmington, NC

08/2017 – “Happyfangs!” Artist Show at Memory Lane Comics: Wilmington, NC

08/2017 – Design Art for “Brooklyn Took It” : Brooklyn, NY

07/2017 – Book Signing at Barnes & Noble: Jacksonville, NC

05/2017 – H.S.N. II (Group Show) at Coastal Kicks: Wilmington, NC

05/2017 – “Shell Island” Exhibit w County Lines Clothing: Wrightsville Beach, NC

04/2017- "Arts, Beats & Psychology" presentation at Duke University: Durham, NC

03/2017 – Interview with Star News

03/2017 – "Children's Story Fest" at Barnes & Noble: Wilmington, NC

02/2017 – H.S.N. (Group Show) at Rooted Lounge: Wilmington, NC

02/2017 - Interview with The Fayetteville Observer

11/2016 – Children’s Book: “But Daddy, I Don’t Like That” 

06/2016 – Children’s Book: “Being Different: Potato-head and Stick Girl” 

10/ 2012- “Rec Your Life” (Group Show) at 111 Minna: San Francisco, CA

06/2011 – Interview with Broke-ass Stuart

04/ 2011 – Record Store Day at Streetlight Records: Santa Cruz, CA

06/2010 – Interview with Good Times SC

04/2010 – Interview with Star News

02/2010 – “Neighborhood Kid” Artist Album/Show at The Cypress: Santa Cruz, CA

02/2010 – “Neighborhood Kid” Artist Exhibit at Barnes & Noble: Fayetteville, NC

08/2009 - "Monkey Junk" Artist Album at Fatman & Tropical: Manchester, UK

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